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Into the Silent Mist

Into The Silent Mist oil on canvas 16x20 inches / 40.6x51 cm Sold Have you ever looked up Hubble Telescope on Google Image? Well worth the time. Sunsets on Images is a definite stop as well. There are pictures of Nebulas, of dying stars and even galaxies colliding. The beauty that is in way outer space leaves me speechless. To think that God has had such awe inspiring creations out there, just waiting for us to produce the technology that would allow us to unwrap this glorious present. I have no words to express how I come alive at such splendor, and therefore am left with a silent inspiration. I have painted one picture so far and still have so many in my mind to get down on canvas. Unfortunately like most of my work, not everything shows up on film and much of the effect is lost. I wish you could you see it in person.

Young Talent

My 12 year old nephew painted this picture. I consider it very much worth bragging.