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Fear, Love, and Time, my poetry book

Available on Within the pages are words that healed me, gave me hope, and helped me deal with grief. My wish for this book is to inspire, uplift and give comfort to all that read it.

Verdure; Clare Series #3

Verdure oil on canvas board 9x12 inches / 23x30.5 cm Sold There is so much about this one that I love. Especially the little whisp at the center of the curl.

Radiance; Clare Series #2

Radiance oil on canvas board 9x12 inches / 23x30.5 cm Sold This is the 2nd in a 3 part series called the Clare Series.  It was done 2 years after the first in the series was completed. When I painted this, I hadn't had much of an opportunity to paint and this was my way of "playing back into the process".

Aurora; Clare Series #1

Aurora oil on canvas 8x10 inches / 20x25 cm Sold Online Store This is the first painting in a series I like to call the 'Clare Series'. I painted it in 2009, a couple weeks before my wedding. The Clare family has been huge supporters of my art and I wanted to pay homage to them. It is also fitting since they have the entire series in their possession. I don't normally do shout outs about my customers for privacy reasons, but I know they don't mind. So thank you kindly "Clares", you have inspired me to go on with my art. <3 Aurora - wiki


Wonderland oil on canvas paper Artist's Collection Online Store This has to be one of my all time favourites.  I have tried to duplicate it and I just can't seem to get the same feel.  I have often considered this the view opposite my painting World in the Woods .  If you go look, you will see why. I painted this after reading Lewis Carroll's infamous Alice in Wonderland .  I had never actually read the classic, leaving Disney to shape my idea of what the story was.  I urge you to read the book one day.

Birth of Joy

Birth Of Joy oil on canvas 16x20 inches / 40.6x51 cm not available Online Store I painted it on my birthday in 2006, hence the name "Birth of Joy". In fact it is my 5th painting. Dark Blue and Magenta have always been my favorite colours growing up, so I thought it fitting to play with those colours.