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Care Tips

There are some tips to follow that will help your painting last longer, but many people don't know the simple steps to preserving an Oil Painting.

Here is a simple guideline;

1.     Where Not To Hang an Oil Painting:
 - Direct sunlight, very bright overhead lights. This fades the colors.
- A small room that gets a lot of smoke. This makes for a dull painting.
- Rooms that fluctuate drastically in temperature.
- Anywhere that is overly damp/moist. eg; bathroom
- Places where spills and splatters occur. For example, a Kitchen or direct contact with sprays.

2.    Cleaning & Handling:
 - Use a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with luke-warm water.  Do not scrub, but use gentle small circles.  Then wipe gently with a dry cloth, also soft and lint free. If you see a color other than dirt/brown, stop.
- *make sure the painting is at least 6months old before doing this.
- Clean and dry hands thoroughly before touching the surface.
- Use sturdy hanging hooks to prevent falling.

3.     Storage:
 - Store in a flat / upright spot with a soft blanket, the canvas can get 'dents' quite easily.  Should you have a spot that is stretched or wrinkled corners, lightly spritz with clean water and place in direct sunlight with the back towards the sun.  The warmth will help it go back into position naturally without cracking underneath layers of paint. 
- Check often for insects, these will eat the canvas and they will die a poisonous agonizing death.
- Never leave a painting in freezing temperature. To do so would compromise the life of the painting.

4.      Travelling:
- Wrap like you're going to mail it
- Try to avoid flying. If this can't be helped, do further research on the best ways to fly with it.
- Make sure the painting is dry. It takes at least 6 months for an oil painting to be considered dry.
- Bubble wrap is great for packing it in, but do not let it sit directly on the surface.  Find something non-abrasive and acid-free to put between the bubble wrap and painted surface. An example would be a flat piece of cardboard or thick stock paper

5.     Final Note:

    Love your painting.  Whether it is worth $5 or $50,000, it is in your care and its future depends on how you treat it.  If you hate it, store it somewhere safe, or give to someone that does love it.  If the artist is still alive, contact them, they will take it back. Unless it's cursed, then you are on your own.

There is more information on the internet, if you choose to read more.  But I hope this has given you some simple info that will protect your investment.

A detailed list and more