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The Artist

I paint for myself, first and foremost. I enjoy my art, I enjoy learning and experimenting. I also enjoy other people's thoughts on how a certain piece made them feel, or made them think.

Being controversial or edgy in my artwork is not my style, and I don't feel that art is always about that. In fact, I think there is too much emphasis on this and many talented artists go unnoticed as the public seeks out 'wow factor' art. That is fine, they can have that. I am more interested in doing what I love than looking for recognition. And you are very welcome to follow me on my journey.

You won't find political, religious or any other controversial subject matter as mentioned above, as I prefer they do not marry with my art in an obvious way. There is enough high tension stress in this world and what I create is an escape from that. This is probably why you will find many of my paintings to be almost child-like in subject.

You may or may not be the kind of person that finds rest in this, but I bet you know someone that does. You as the viewer, are encouraged to pass it along to persons you feel would enjoy or find encouragement from my artwork.

'When I am painting, I don"t have to explain or excuse my reality.' ~ MelanieJoy

~ MelanieJoy

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