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How long have you been painting?
I have been painting since August 4, 2006, but creative all my life.

Do you have Social Media pages?
Yes,  but this (my) website is the only one displaying my complete artwork.
Other places to find me;
Sorry no Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter


Is any of your original art For Sale?
YesIf you are interested in any of them, please email me at
All Prices are in Canadian dollars.

How Do I Contact You If I Want To Purchase A Painting?
I request you email me at
I would prefer buying intent was saved for private conversations instead of publicly.

Do you have an Online Store?
I do!  I have my reproductions on RedBubble. There are many different products available there and you won't need to go through me to purchase them.

How do I pay you when I purchase a painting?
  • Cash
  • Paypal (preferred)
  • Email Transfer. (preferred)
  • I also accept Ðogecoin! such shibe, very paint, wow!
    Other cryptocurrencies are possible, but I can't guarantee I'll take your specific coin. contact me to find out.
Do you take payments?
I prefer not to, but I understand life happens.  Regardless, I do not let the painting go until full payment is received.

How long do you hold a painting when interest of purchase is expressed?
  • If you are interested in a piece and have stated you will purchase it in an email (, I hold it for 2 weeks as 'Sold". (Not including arrangements we have personally made) 

  • If no further action is taken on your part to pay for said piece after 4 weeks, starting at contact date, I will reinstate it on my website as "For Sale" again. 
Do you do commission work?
No, but I might paint something you would like in my style and give you first dibs.
*Please note that there is a 40% down-payment for all commissioned work.

Do you provide a Certificate of Authenticity?
Yes I do. I also include a receipt   

What IS a Certificate of Authenticity?
It is a piece of paper that states/proves the artwork was created by me and is not a copy or forgery.
It is used in the case of; 
  • insurance
  • bragging rights
  • in the event  I should die early and tragically and they become worth more. So you want that paper before I pass on.

I have one of your paintings and do not have a Certificate of Authenticity, Can I have one?
Yes please!  I am looking for long lost contacts (I know who you are) so that I may provide them with one. 
Contact me at


 Shipping Information 
  • The buyer pays for shipping, in addition to the selling price. 
  • Shipping starts at $25.00 for standard shipping within Canada, and goes up from there depending on the size of the piece and geographic location. 
  • It is the buyers responsibility to pay the import fees of their country.
  • I ship using a variety of companies as a way to keep costs down. Every item is insured for the value of the painting when shipping.
  • Information on shipping company and tracking number will be provided.
  • Included in the shipment of the painting is a Certificate of Authenticity and a receipt.


Can I use one of your pictures in one of my own projects?
Unless otherwise noted: All works on this blog are copyright(c) all rights reserved
Having said that; if you would like to use a piece featured on this blog contact me.

After talking with you and determining that it will not be used to slander, humiliate, or degrade others, used to promote hate or racism, etc...  (you get the point), I am sure we can come to an agreement.  I am more than glad to see what others want to do.

Permission is not granted to reproduce, or distribute any of my works unless there is a written agreement between us.


What if I have one of your paintings and don't want it anymore?
DON'T THROW IT OUT!  I have seen many abandoned paintings (not my own) and it is always sad.  Give it away, donate it, contact me ... anything, as long as it doesn't end up lost in a black hole of sadness. I have a bond with each and every painting and would gladly take it back before it is gone forever.

Why are many of the pictures low quality?
Because I took them with a potato.

Who is Anita Clare in your link list?
Anita was my aunt, who suddenly passed away Mother's Day 2016.
"She had the most amazing ability to love people for all the reasons they were worth loving and forgive them for the reasons they weren’t." - her son,
She was also my biggest collector, I am sure she had more of my paintings than I do at the time of her passing.
Anita was a huge supporter for helping children who had been sexually assaulted, thus the link to Little Warriors. If you know someone that could use help this way, I urge you to please pass it on to them.

Do you get involved in Charities?
If it is a charity I agree with, yes, such as the one previously mentioned.
An example of one I would not get involved with: The Foundation to Make Sure All the Cats in the World Are Shaved.

...That would be silly.