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For The Love of Neptune

For The Love of Neptune oil on canvas, gallery wrapped 12x16 inches / 30.5x40.5 cm cdn +shipping $150.00 I wasn't going to post this one until December, but I came across an article that is in the current news and thought I would join in the fun. I painted this in June 2015, but this article didn't come out until October 27, 2015. And even though mine was not intended to be a 'distorted star', the artist interpretation for the article caught my attention, as you can see if you check it out. So here is my Neptune , the blue planet, the Poseidon planet.  Depending on the angle and lighting, the color ranges from ice blue to a warm green. (and yes the picture has a shine, one of those hard ones to get a good shot)  For The Love of Neptune {2015} close up Facts about Neptune