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The Starry Canal

Online Store Today is Vincent Van Gogh's Birthday.  He is in my top 5 favourite painters, but not for the reasons one would think.  Not because I am 'supposed to' or he's 'all the rage'. But because his starry night changed my little mind forever. When I was in Grade 4, my teacher Miss Woodman, gave us an assignment to color famous paintings from a colorless photocopied version. We were encouraged to colour it as close as possible, but didn't have to. We were free to express our interpretation. Now I must explain something before I go any further.  I grew up in a small town that under-appreciated Art and over-appreciated Crafts. They did not encourage artistic talent. I had not been pre-exposed to Old Master paintings and was only aware of the art that happened in my home. My Mom was the original Scrapbooker and she is a VERY creative woman. My Dad made (and still makes) amazing things with wood, the way he touches the wood during a project has left  

The Heart of Venus

T he Heart of Venus oil on canvas, gallery wrapped 14x16 inches / 35.5x40.5 cm cdn +shipping $200.00 Online Store Why Venus?  Well, I am a big fan of C.S. Lewis' Silent Planet trilogy and in one of the books the protagonist travels to Perelandra - aka Venus. Lewis imagined the planet to be a watery planet with floating shifting islands everywhere. And I felt that a unique tree would be at the heart of this world.