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Last Night of a Dying Sun


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This is my only painting that is lost from my meticulous archival information.  I really have no idea when I started it, I believe it was 2006 - like 95% sure.

It has been following me around waiting for me to finish it.  I know that when I started it I wanted it to be a painting of Charn (yes another Narnia reference) but after I did the base work, I realized I did not have the skill set to complete it the way I wanted. Or perhaps I saw a great dying sun and that's as far as my mind took it.  I do have a few paintings waiting for completion from years ago but this one is the oldest.

I have been staring at it, off and on for 10 years, pondering, thinking, waiting. Then one day it just felt right. And I am glad I waited because I am love with how it turned out!