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Go Gentle Into the Good Night ~ For Anita

Other products You're thinking to yourself, isn't it 'Don't Go Gentle Into that Good Night'?  You are correct, if you are talking about the poem by Dylan Thomas . But we are not talking about raging against the dying light. My painting was painted in sorrow, in pain and in memory.  In previous posts I have talked about the passing of my Aunt Anita. In May she passed away, quietly and swiftly. And very unexpected. It was a blow to many of us as she was so well loved and such a beautiful light, an extraordinary example of not only what the world hopes of a Christian, but as a human being. The loss of her is deep, it is constant. Every day I think of her and most days now I can smile. But some days, like today, I weep because she is not physically here anymore. Today would have been her 67th Birthday and I can not call her, email her or hug her to wish her a wonderful day full of happiness and love. But I can pay homage with what I made, in her memory.