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The Beauty In The Journey

The Beauty In The Journey oil on canvas, gallery wrapped 14x18 inches / 35.5x46 cm not available Online Store This would be my 100th completed painting!! Hence the name of it. It has been a journey so far that I never actually expected. As a child you never realize that there is so much more to being an artist than just creating art. There is pain, anger, enlightenment, personal growth and so many more emotions that one never expects. I have had to come to terms with hating things I have created, while others have loved it. That is a weird feeling. I have been so excited by something I still can't believe it came from inside me. And then when you let that first artwork into the world, it's like letting a tiny a piece of yourself go, knowing that you may never ever see that painting again, so that when you look at pictures of your past work, you always wonder..... and then you have to let that go. I have many out in the world, and most I am aware of their loca

A Gentle Lullaby

A Gentle Lullaby oil on canvas, gallery wrapped 10x14 inches / 25x35.5 cm Sold Online Store I had a dream about this in October 2015.  Sometimes they become a reality. Better this than some of my other dream options! There is a shine on the left tree that I am unable to fully remove, so please note that the edge is not 'bright', it's normal.