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To My Wild Rose

For my big sister Sheri's Birthday And even though we can't spend the time together, I have been working on something for her.  I started it some time ago but due to regular life stuff, I have been unable to complete it. I don't even have a name yet.  I am not going to explain what the rest will look like as that would ruin the total surprise for her, but just know she likes black and white in her pictures. She has taught me many wonderful things, watched out for me, contributed money and time to me and those she loves just to see us smile (like a plane ticket for me cross country, just to see my Dad's face when I arrive for his birthday). I know she has fought battles for me that I will never know about and would take the head of any one not willing to be a good friend. And she has watched more cheesy horror movies with me than I can count, embarrassed me at restaurants and cooked some amazing suppers for me.  She has let me into her life with her and her son an