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The Adventurous Wanderer

The Adventurous Wanderer oil on canvas, gallery wrapped 12x16 inches / 30.5x40.5 cm not available Online Store 20 years ago today, my sister was tugging on my toe to wake me. She casually told me 'it was time'.  And as she mildly sat there eating toast, we all rushed around to get ready to go to the hospital. I was there when my nephew was born, and he came out screaming!  Since that day I have been honoured to have been there for his first steps, first words, first day of school, and his graduation.  And in between all those grand events, were the not so ordinary days, when we would play together, watch movies, visit museums and such, make art together, and spend time talking.  I even saved his life twice.  He has had to put up with my 'words of wisdom' and 'oh so great advice' and has taken it with stride and grace. He is also very good about how much I embarass him, like now! He is a profound young man. Behind his quiet nature (

To My Wild Rose

To My Wild Rose oil on canvas, gallery wrapped 12x16 inches / 30.5x40.5 cm not available Online Store I completed my sister's birthday present from 2013. Thankfully she is very patient with me and knows that a rushed work of art, is not a work of art - at least in my case.  I didn't name it until just the other day, when I came across a beautiful piece of piano.  It quickly rushed me to my childhood and the time my sister and I would spend playing and having tea parties in our mother's beautiful garden. Perhaps we played it as children in piano lessons?  I don't know why it brought me to that time but I like to call it fate. And the sound of the birds really amplified the effect. I was going to initially name this 'The Valley of the Rose' or something similiar, but when I heard this music and felt my sister beside me as kids, I knew this was what I wanted to call it. So, for you my dear sister Sheri, my wild Rose <3. Music; To A Wild Rose ~