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Just a small town girl painting a small town on a small canvas....
oil on canvas board

It's just a small painting, but it commemorates my first session of painting since the summer of 2019.

We spent 3 months in Boston, USA and then a few near family over Christmas back in Canada.  Then mid January we went to Switzerland for 3 months, with plans to see so much on Europe.... So not a lot of painting got done, and not a lot of sight seeing either...

Then a pandemic broke out and we realized we might be staying a bit. And we were right! I am posting this in August of 2020 from Switzerland - that's a heck of a lot longer than 3 months! 

So we got to the business of ordering art supplies so that I may continue with my work (as if it ever feels like work!). And I painted this little nugget. It may not seem like anything fancy, but I enjoyed every moment of it's creation, and that love goes into future artwork.