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136 Evermore oil on canvas for sale
*previously listed as 'Sold'. This is no longer the case.

Evermorealways; continually; forever. at all future times; henceforth.

This is my first completed painting, after being back from our adventure in Switzerland.  Sometimes our journey takes us so far from the land of painting that I worry. 

I worry that I will lose what I can do with a brush, I worry I will lose what I want to do with a brush. I worry that the events of the world will stop me from finding the creativity within me, and that will be it for my art career. 

But I sat down, and I did what I love - a Moon and Water in the night sky, banishing the voice in my head saying "another one?"

And when I was done, I wept. 

This painting was the witness to my private tears, my relief, my hope. It sat silently while I mourned losses, celebrated gains, never judging, just allowing me my artistic journey into the world where I will never doubt my abilities or creativity again.  


  1. Beautiful! I love this. Whomever it was who snagged it, is lucky to be able to take in this scene every day

  2. Thank you so very much for the kind words!


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