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Into the Mystic

131	Into the Mystic oil on canvas melaniejoyart

(Written in 2021)
I could never express how much I love this painting. I have spent many hours just staring at it, enjoying and appreciating the details, the lighting, the mood. 

I painted this one during our travels around Canada with our RV. It is quite hard to do oils when you have to move your house regularly, but I felt such a drive to paint it.

As I write this in 2021, I have come to recognize this one as the last painting I will ever do with pure imagination. Coming from a wellspring of childlike hope. 

I do not mean to say that I will never create another painting full of magic, of awe and wonder. But I recognize that the events of the times have planted a seed in me that will always contain a grain of sand worth of sadness. And perhaps no one else will ever know, or see it, but I will know. And it breaks my heart. It's a strange process to grieve losing a part of yourself.
So this painting has special significance to me, perhaps the same as my very first painting.