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Lovers Entwined

Echoes Of Ghosts

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So we (and by that I mean my husband) took this painting and put it through a program to hear what it sounded like.  We slowed it down and the sound was similar to eerie crickets or aliens, with a faint extra frequency in the background that sort of had an ethereal sound, hence the name.

Have a listen for yourself...

Behold the Might Of The Little Tree

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The Warm Fragrance of July

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The Moon That Soothed The Siren

An Enticing Wind

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I'll Leave My Love Between The Stars ~ For David Bowie

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Have I told you I love the movie Labyrinth yet?  Of course I have. That's the first thing I put on when I picked up my first brush.
I have been a David Bowie fan since I was a kid.  But not in the way you think.  I admit that I really am not very familiar with much of his music. And he has a lot! Don't get me wrong though, I love his music. Except the song 'Space Oddity', that one gives me chills to the very core of my being and I don't really know why.
The movie was my first introduction to him and wow was he awesome. (He may be the reason that I have always had an attraction to Goth-type men. Or punk men that wear makeup. And men with long hair....) I remember holding up the microphone to the tv speakers to record the music onto a cassette, I was enthralled by all of it.  And it was him, and all that he stood for that I loved, that I felt a kinship to. So when he died, much of the beauty of the man was gone and we mourned the loss of a driving…

Go Gentle Into the Good Night ~ For Anita

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You're thinking to yourself, isn't it 'Don't Go Gentle Into that Good Night'?  You are correct, if you are talking about the poem by Dylan Thomas.

But we are not talking about raging against the dying light. My painting was painted in sorrow, in pain and in memory.  In previous posts I have talked about the passing of my Aunt Anita.

In May she passed away, quietly and swiftly. And very unexpected. It was a blow to many of us as she was so well loved and such a beautiful light, an extraordinary example of not only what the world hopes of a Christian, but as a human being. The loss of her is deep, it is constant. Every day I think of her and most days now I can smile.

But some days, like today, I weep because she is not physically here anymore.

Today would have been her 67th Birthday and I can not call her, email her or hug her to wish her a wonderful day full of happiness and love. But I can pay homage with what I made, in her memory.

After I returned …

I Cherish The Loneliness of Autumn

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I am an October Baby. I spent my birthdays jumping in piles of leaves. I love the smell of leaves fading, the look of them falling to the ground and the sound of their crunch. That day when the wind changes ever so slightly and you know it's the makes me just as giddy and excited as when there is a thunder storm. 
And I love halloween, not in the conventional/commercial sense, but in the mysterious, dark spooky magic that tingles in the air on a late October night sort of way. 
But I have never liked the color orange, except when it is pertaining to Autumn and all that it entails. Then it is the most magnificent color in the world, so warm, so inviting, so special. It's as if the only color that exists in the month of October, is Orange.

I cherish the loneliness of autumn....  I am forty, I have become mortal.  I have no further psychic, emotional, or intellectual need to prolong summer seasons,  and it is only when autumn begins its play that I can truly foc…

Eve of a Lover's Moon

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The Grace of a Murmured Offering

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The Beauty In The Journey

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This would be my 100th completed painting!! Hence the name of it.  It has been a journey so far that I never actually expected. As a child you never realize that there is so much more to being an artist than just creating art. There is pain, anger, enlightenment, personal growth and so many more emotions that one never expects. I have had to come to terms with hating things I have created, while others have loved it. That is a weird feeling. I have been so excited by something I still can't believe it came from inside me.
And then when you let that first artwork into the world, it's like letting a tiny a piece of yourself go, knowing that you may never ever see that painting again, so that when you look at pictures of your past work, you always wonder..... and then you have to let that go. I have many out in the world, and most I am aware of their locations and could see them anytime I want. But there are a few, they are out there, on some strangers wall, hopefull…

A Gentle Lullaby

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I had a dream about this in October 2015.  Sometimes they become a reality. Better this than some of my other dream options!
There is a shine on the left tree that I am unable to fully remove, so please note that the edge is not 'bright', it's normal.

Last Night of a Dying Sun

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This is my only painting that is lost from my meticulous archival information.  I really have no idea when I started it, I believe it was 2006 - like 95% sure.

It has been following me around waiting for me to finish it.  I know that when I started it I wanted it to be a painting of Charn (yes another Narnia reference) but after I did the base work, I realized I did not have the skill set to complete it the way I wanted. Or perhaps I saw a great dying sun and that's as far as my mind took it.  I do have a few paintings waiting for completion from years ago but this one is the oldest.

I have been staring at it, off and on for 10 years, pondering, thinking, waiting. Then one day it just felt right. And I am glad I waited because I am love with how it turned out!

Through The Night

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I had the idea for this going around in my head for days along with (of course)  Loreena McKennitt - Night Ride Across The Caucasus

I am so happy with how it turned out. In fact, I enjoyed this so much I am making many more, different colors, trees, scenery.... watch for them in the future!

The Starry Canal

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Today is Vincent Van Gogh's Birthday.  He is in my top 5 favourite painters, but not for the reasons one would think.  Not because I am 'supposed to' or he's 'all the rage'. But because his starry night changed my little mind forever.

When I was in Grade 4, my teacher Miss Woodman, gave us an assignment to color famous paintings from a colorless photocopied version. We were encouraged to colour it as close as possible, but didn't have to. We were free to express our interpretation.

Now I must explain something before I go any further.  I grew up in a small town that under-appreciated Art and over-appreciated Crafts. They did not encourage artistic talent. I had not been pre-exposed to Old Master paintings and was only aware of the art that happened in my home. My Mom was the original Scrapbooker and she is a VERY creative woman. My Dad made (and still makes) amazing things with wood, the way he touches the wood during a project has left …

The Heart of Venus

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Why Venus?  Well, I am a big fan of C.S. Lewis' Silent Planet trilogy and in one of the books the protagonist travels to Perelandra - aka Venus. Lewis imagined the planet to be a watery planet with floating shifting islands everywhere. And I felt that a unique tree would be at the heart of this world.

Midnight's Summer Dream

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I do need to take a better picture of this, but in the meantime... enjoy!

Birds of Nightfall

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This little 4 piece gem was painted in 2006, my 12th painting ever.  I have not had a picture of it worth showing, even to my bearded dragon, until now.  Luckily it is in the possession of my sister so I was able to acquire a better picture with my growing camera skills.

Fun Fact:  there is a small paw print from my beloved, long gone cat <3

The Dragon's Eye

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When I started with this painting, I didn't have the eye shape in mind, But as I looked at the blue swirl in the middle, I started to see an iris, an iris that contained an infinite universe.  And who better to contain that universe in it's eye! A dragon of course!

The outer paint is much thicker than any of my previous paintings, so much I had to allow for extra drying time. So much that I would like to do more with this thickness of paint in the future.

Over all I am very pleased with how it turned out, even if the picture is a little blurry around the edges.

Family of Strength

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This was painted for one of my best customer's biker group. We had discussed this before but on a much grander scale, so I felt it would be a good thing to test if I could even do it. And I can! It was very different to do and I like that... plus I didn't tell him and surprised him with it, which also was fun!

For The Love of Neptune

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I wasn't going to post this one until December, but I came across an article that is in the current news and thought I would join in the fun.
I painted this in June 2015, but this article didn't come out until October 27, 2015. And even though mine was not intended to be a 'distorted star', the artist interpretation for the article caught my attention, as you can see if you check it out.

So here is my Neptune, the blue planet, the Poseidon planet. 

Depending on the angle and lighting, the color ranges from ice blue to a warm green. (and yes the picture has a shine, one of those hard ones to get a good shot) 

Facts about Neptune

In Some Dark Garden

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This painting has been a slow process over a couple of years, I am happy with how whimsical it turned out.

Virgo's Candy Island / Demeter's Paradise

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After I painted this I went searching what to name it, as it felt a little like Perelandra (Venus) in C.S. Lewis' epic Space Trilogy, but alas it didn't feel right.
Then I found the planet GJ 504b.  It sounds like such a technical name for a planet. But the Artist's representation was gorgeous and very fitting. And the planet is found in the constellation of Virgo - hence the name.  Then through my husbands searching skills, he told me the Greek Goddess Demeter is associated with Virgo. I have my own personal back story involving Demeter so that fit too.

And my imagination went from there and I couldnt decide on a name. So it got both.

Lost In the Dark Woods

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I like Halloween, so here is my 'spookie' painting early, just couldn't wait!

The Thriving Grove & The Fruitful Orchard

$100.00 each
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These are twins, the originals are sold together.

Beside Still Waters

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This was painted for a very special customer (and person) as a gift. <3  Thank you for all of your amazing support!

Edit June 6th, 2016;
I painted this for my Aunt Anita Clare. She passed away suddenly on Mother's Day 2016 and she has really left a large hole for so many of us. I am both sad and grateful that I chose the name I did for this painting.

She was an amazing woman and the best short description of her that I can share is from her son "She had the most amazing ability to love people for all the reasons they were worth loving and forgive them for the reasons they weren’t."
If you didn't know her then I feel sad that your life was missing her in it.

I miss her everyday, I miss her when I finish a painting and want to show it off to her, I miss her hugs and her laughter, her stubbornness, her daily emails of love and normal life, her support and encouragement, did I mention I miss her hugs?

If you knew her or even if you didn't and would …

The Goddess

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Those are indeed sparkles. Lots of them, like an exploding star.

September Slips Through The Sky

Not What it Seems

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 I painted this after watching the movie version of  Terry Pratchett's "The Colour of Magic."  It was supposed to have some colour, but I was convinced to leave it as is.  And I was satisfied with that.

Edit:  March 12, 2015 Terry Pratchett passed away.  I am late in the game to his work, but thankfully his imagination will be eternal. Thank you Mr. Pratchett <3

The Adventurous Wanderer

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20 years ago today, my sister was tugging on my toe to wake me. She casually told me 'it was time'.  And as she mildly sat there eating toast, we all rushed around to get ready to go to the hospital. I was there when my nephew was born, and he came out screaming!  Since that day I have been honoured to have been there for his first steps, first words, first day of school, and his graduation.  And in between all those grand events, were the not so ordinary days, when we would play together, watch movies, visit museums and such, make art together, and spend time talking.  I even saved his life twice.  He has had to put up with my 'words of wisdom' and 'oh so great advice' and has taken it with stride and grace. He is also very good about how much I embarass him, like now!

He is a profound young man. Behind his quiet nature (he wasn't like that as a child) he has deep, intelligent, and unique thoughts. He is adventurous, considerate,…

To My Wild Rose

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I completed my sister's birthday present from 2013. Thankfully she is very patient with me and knows that a rushed work of art, is not a work of art - at least in my case. 

I didn't name it until just the other day, when I came across a beautiful piece of piano.  It quickly rushed me to my childhood and the time my sister and I would spend playing and having tea parties in our mother's beautiful garden. Perhaps we played it as children in piano lessons?  I don't know why it brought me to that time but I like to call it fate. And the sound of the birds really amplified the effect.
I was going to initially name this 'The Valley of the Rose' or something similiar, but when I heard this music and felt my sister beside me as kids, I knew this was what I wanted to call it.

So, for you my dear sister Sheri, my wild Rose <3.

Music;To A Wild Rose ~ Edward MacDowell
this version done by Dan Gibson.

There is a previous post of this painting when it was unfin…

Memory Of Trees

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One of my favorite musicians to listen to when painting is Enya.  Her music was made for me.  So I thought I would pay homage to her in naming this painting after one of her songs/albums; The Memory of Trees.  Youtube of Album. and Lyrics.

It was originally going to be call 'Old Photograph' and look a little more monochrome, but as is the art, it took it's own form.

Thank you Enya for flowing freely with your art so that I may flow freely with mine. <3

*This was also the painting I used for the cover of my Poetry Book 

Fear, Love, and Time, my poetry book

Available on
Within the pages are words that healed me, gave me hope, and helped me deal with grief.

My wish for this book is to inspire, uplift and give comfort to all that read it.

Verdure; Clare Series #3

There is so much about this one that I love. Especially the little whisp at the center of the curl.

Radiance; Clare Series #2

This is the 2nd in a 3 part series called the Clare Series.  It was done 2 years after the first in the series was completed.
When I painted this, I hadn't had much of an opportunity to paint and this was my way of "playing back into the process".