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To The Moon

To The Moon oil on canvas, gallery wrapped 8x10 inches / 20x25 cm  cdn +shipping $80.00 I painted this in response to an overwhelming flood of support from the Dogecoin community on Reddit. (Internet currency) My husband sent a request on the forums to up the views on this site as a 5th Anniversary present for me, and did they ever respond! I had 1600+ unique views to this site in ONE DAY, and a lot of great feedback. An amazing present to get from someone you love, and one of a kind. The picture itself isn't a vast stretch from many of the pictures that are posted on the forum, but I wanted to keep it clean and simple. It was fun to do, and I even completed it in time to submit it to a contest ( I did not win). Whether you understand what I mean when I talk about Dogecoin or not, doesn't matter. The fact of the matter is my husband gave me the gift of encouragement in a way I would never have thought of. And this group of people that I have never met