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Birth of Joy

Online Store I painted it on my birthday in 2006, hence the name "Birth of Joy". In fact it is my 5th painting. Dark Blue and Magenta have always been my favorite colours growing up, so I thought it fitting to play with those colours.

Time Unveiled

Of all the ones that the picture never did it justice, this is the top one. I would pay a professional photographer to take the picture of this one. Those little specs in the middle are sparkles. I love it, it was the first time I realized that I could bring light out dark with my very hands.

Birds of Dawn

Neverending River

This is 1 of 2 that is signed with 'MJ Toews'. Everything after it is signed with an 'MJ'. It was just as much fun to create as the first one. 

Neverending Labyrinth

My First Oil Painting August 4, 2006 What can I say about my very first painting ever? It was a moment in my life that changed everything for me.   My aunt Sharon, a professional Artist, gifted me her older supplies, so I bought a canvas. I put the Movie Labyrinth (my most fave movie ever), followed by The Neverending Story on in the background. I chose some colours and started with Blue. Because all paintings start with blue! I have spent my life doing creative things, sketching, colouring, sewing, decorating etc. But never painting. It was always in my head that it was something I wanted to try. I enjoyed paint by numbers as a kid and that smell apparently stuck with me.  Just the smell of a tube of oil paints can bring a feeling of calmness and nostalgia. So there I was, painting away, tapping into my childhood imagination.  And when I was done, I knew I had changed, that this is who I was, what I wanted to do forever and the first thing I did not feel inferior about, something


This Blog was created as a place to put my Art work and hope that it inspires someone. I hope you enjoy my art.  Thank you for visiting!