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In The Springtime Of The Year

In The Springtime Of The Year oil on canvas not available If one day you are getting massage therapy and you look up to see my painting, do not be surprised! Naming paintings after the music I was listening to started at the very beginning. Again Loreena McKennit makes an appearance in this title. It's a lyric from her song The Mummer's Dance. (music video)

Time Unveiled

Time Unveiled oil on canvas 16x20 inches / 40.6x51 cm Sold Of all the ones that the picture never did it justice, this is the top one. I would pay a professional photographer to take the picture of this one. Those little specs in the middle are sparkles. I love it, I have no idea how I did it, but it was the first time I realized that I could bring light out dark with my very hands, and that I had no idea at the time.