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Virgo's Candy Island / Demeter's Paradise

Virgo's Candy Island / Demeter's Paradise oil on canvas, gallery wrapped 12x16 inches / 30.5x40.5 cm Sold Online Store After I painted this I went searching what to name it, as it felt a little like Perelandra (Venus) in C.S. Lewis' epic Space Trilogy, but alas it didn't feel right. Then I found the planet GJ 504b .  It sounds like such a technical name for a planet. But the Artist's representation was gorgeous and very fitting. And the planet is found in the constellation of Virgo - hence the name.  Then through my husbands searching skills, he told me the Greek Goddess Demeter is associated with Virgo. I have my own personal back story involving Demeter so that fit too. And my imagination went from there and I couldnt decide on a name. So it got both.

Beside Still Waters

Beside Still Waters oil on canvas, gallery wrapped 12x16 inches / 30.5x40.5 cm not available Online Store This was painted for a very special customer (and person) as a gift. <3  Thank you for all of your amazing support! Edit June 6th, 2016; I painted this for my Aunt Anita Clare. She passed away suddenly on Mother's Day 2016 and she has really left a large hole for so many of us. I am both sad and grateful that I chose the name I did for this painting. She was an amazing woman and the best short description of her that I can share is from her son "She had the most amazing ability to love people for all the reasons they were worth loving and forgive them for the reasons they weren’t." If you didn't know her then I feel sad that your life was missing her in it. I miss her everyday, I miss her when I finish a painting and want to show it off to her, I miss her hugs and her laughter, her stubbornness, her daily emails of love and normal life, her s